They all wrote...

“AYSHA is awesome. I can not tell you how many compliments I get when I wear AYSHA.  I pretty much wear AYSHA every day.  Many people think I spend thousands of dollars on my wardrobe.  To be honest I don’t.  AYSHA's style is best suited for very confident and creative women. Each style is truly unique and special”. - Debra.  Matrimonial Attorney, NYC

"I have noticed that when I wear AYSAH, I am stopped by strangers complimenting my attire. AYSHA clothes are stylish and affordable but most important, empowering. When I'm going to have a hard day battling it out in the courtroom, AYSHA is my armor." - Kelly, Family law trial attorney, Corpus Christi, TX

“Aysha's brand completely embodies my style and I love her esthetic! Her clothing is perfect for the woman who wants to feel powerful, sexy, cool and comfortable all at the same time." - Julien, Photographer and Visual Brand Advisor, NYC/Santa Fe

"AYSHA is incredibly flattering, sophisticated and fashionable. Aysha has a way of making a woman's work wardrobe stylish, comfortable and a little sexy, in the most appropriate way. Her clothes look amazing on multiple body types. Her dresses make a statement and make it easy and effortless for me to look put-together." - Ivy, Executive Director, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., NYC

“I have been wearing AYSHA for the past three years, and her designs are bold, sophisticated, and compliments my figure. I feel like a powerful lady when I wear Aysha's dresses.” - Donna, Assistant Vice President, Financial Services, NYC

“I have been wearing AYSHA for the last five years, and continue to fall in love with each season and each year’s collection. I feel unique, feminine, and special when I wear AYSHA. I always receive compliments, and many of the designs are conversations starters. I therefore always connect with people more easily when dressed in AYSHA.” - Marianne, Vice President, CPCU, AIS, Lockton Companies, NYC

“Aysha’s clothing designs are my kryptonite (aka my biggest weakness) for so many reasons! I would consider my personal style to be sophisticated with a twist, and Aysha’s designs really hit the mark for me. I own so many of her pieces, which I wear to work and outside of work. I am able to dress her clothing up or down with things I already own, which makes her designs extremely multifunctional. Aysha designs for the modern woman, who wants to be put together, but not boring. Her choice of accents and fabrics are really what do it for me, specifically her ability to pair edgy fabrics with softer, body flattering fabrics, providing a comfortable, but clean cut looking garment. She understands how to design for a woman’s body, and I always feel sleek but comfortable. There hasn’t been a time yet where I didn’t receive a compliment (from both women and men!) when I wear one of Aysha’s designs! And it is for these reasons I continue to buy Aysha season after season.” - Johanna, Senior Executive Associate, Radius Ventures LLC, Stanford, CT